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Shared Motherhood

What is 'shared motherhood'?

Shared motherhood or reciprocal IVF allows both partners to be involved in the treatment process and to have either a biological or gestational parental relationship to the child or children.

By using the process of IVF, one partner will be the egg provider (biological mother) and undergo a stimulation cycle to produce multiple eggs. These eggs will then be fertilised using donor sperm to create embryos which will be implanted into the womb of the other female partner (gestational mother). This enables motherhood to be a shared experience for both partners from the time of conception. You will be registered as partners and will complete a consent form to specify how your eggs/embryos can be used in a shared motherhood arrangement. The egg provider will need to be screened as a donor as per the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act. Details regarding the screening process can be found in the egg donor booklet. 

This process may not be suitable for some patients and this will be discussed with you at your appointment with the consultant. This treatment is currently only available to privately funded couples.

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