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Donor Sperm Insemination (DI)

This treatment is for patients whose sperm is very poor, or they have no sperm at all (azoospermia)

This treatment is also for single ladies and same sex couples. The NHS does not routinely fund these patients, please call the clinic for further information.

Leicester Fertility Centre is proud to offer a selection of sperm donors giving patients a choice of characteristics including eye and hair colour, build as well as personality traits. There is also a choice of ethnic minority sperm donors.

Advantages of choosing a donor at Leicester:

  •  All donors are screened by the clinic prior to acceptance to ensure that they are suitable to become a donor

  • All donors reside in the UK

  • All necessary HFEA forms are completed including the pen portrait which can be used as part of the selection process

  • The majority of donors are altruistic, meaning they only want to help others

Counselling is mandatory for all patients receiving donated sperm as additional consent forms are required for this treatment.

This treatment involves monitoring your cycle and testing for ovulation. When ovulation is detected the laboratory will then thaw out and prepare the donor sperm. The sample will then be placed back into the uterus using a catheter by a qualified nurse the same as IUI.

For more information please refer to the booklet below or ask your nurse.