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International Egg Donation Programme

We currently have no waiting list for people needing donated eggs in the UK

Patients may choose to travel abroad for egg donor treatment

Here at the Leicester Fertility Centre, we understand this can be a stressful time for patients, and are pleased to offer a satellite service to facilitate a smooth transition abroad. 

The Leicester Fertility Centre has been acting as a satellite centre to the Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante Spain since 1stMay 2010 and it has proven to be highly successful.

The Leicester Fertility Centre’s role is to support patients through the process of gamete and embryo donation by providing implications counselling, consultations, initial investigations, drug therapy and monitoring prior to patients travelling to the Instituto Bernabeu for their IVF treatment.

We also provide a follow up appointment and procedures post treatment.

With over 25 year’s experience, the Instituto Bernabeu has excellent facilities and offers a warm and welcoming environment to all of its international patients.

There is no waiting time for donors as the clinic has excellent access to donor eggs and sperm and is able to commence treatment at a convenient time for patients.

If you would like further information please refer to the information booklet below or contact the Centre on 0116 258 5071