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IVF Unlimited Programme

Access fertility pic 3
Access fertility pic 3

The Access Fertility Unlimited programme offers you as many IVF cycles as you need over two years with a 100% refund if you don’t have a baby, all for a fixed fee. 

What does it include?

·         Unlimited IVF cycles (ICSI available) for 2 years

·         Unlimited frozen embryo transfers

·         100% refund if you do not have a baby

·         Potential saving of at least 40% vs. traditional pay-as-you-go

·         Available to patients under 38 using their own eggs

 Additional services covered:
·         In cycle monitoring – bloods and scans
·         Follow-up consultation post fresh cycle
·         HFEA fee
·         Blastocyst culture
·         Embryo freezing and 1 year storage