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NHS Patients

Fertility Centre building

Referral Procedure

Your first contact with the Leicester Fertility Centre may be through gynaecology or an informal visit to meet one of our nursing staff who will welcome you to the unit and explain the general procedure to you.

We need you to be referred by your GP or by a hospital consultant. There is often a considerable amount of information that the surgery will have about your infertility problems including relevant test results

We offer NHS funded treatment for the following CCG's

East Leicestershire and Rutland (Both previously Leicestershire and Rutland PCT)

West Leicestershire

Leicester City (Previously Leicester City PCT)

We may also be able to offer NHS funded treatment to patients from other CCG's upon application 

All NHS funded treatment is subject to funding criteria which includes:

  •  Location of your GP 

  • Information about your current relationship including any children

  • Information about any previous relationship(s) including any children
  • Personal information about you including age, weight, smoking and other social habits

For up to date information on NHS funded treatment please refer to the General Information Booklet or call us on 0116 258 5922

Our Mission

To provide a high quality, efficient and effective service, individually tailored to patient needs, to be delivered by a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals.

To inform couples of all the options open to them.

To give full support and counselling.

To treat efficiently and to use the most effective available treatments.

To ensure that each individual has the opportunity of trying everything that is reasonable in their attempt to have a baby.

To do everything possible to help those couples, who have not succeeded in achieving their desire to have a baby, to come to terms with their infertility. 

Please note our patient information leaflets have not been amended to include changes to our procedures as a result of Covid-19. So the information you are given verbally may differ from the leaflets

We are in the process of updating these