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Latest news


The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) are currently running a National survey which is open to patients, partners, surrogates and intended parents who have undergone treatment in the past 10 years or are currently undergoing treatment.  

The results will be use to inform policy and improve the information they provide to patients. The results will also help to inform other areas of our work, including providing a better understanding of inequalities in treatment. 

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Pride Month

“We have gone from lazy weekends just the two of us to fun-filled weekends running from one kids club to another and we would not have it any other way.”

 Life changed for Kat and Katy when their twins, Ebony and Freddie, were born in 2014. The couple knew they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally so they reached out to Leicester Fertility Centre for some help.

 This is what Katy said about their fertility experience:

 As a same sex couple, we were a little worried that we might be treated differently but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Everybody we met made us feel welcome – it never once felt awkward.

 They explained everything to us from the donor insemination process through to Kat’s parenting rights as I was going to be carrying our babies,” said Katy, adding: “We came away feeling a lot more comfortable and reassured about everything which is all we could ask for.”

 Because everything was explained so clearly we knew what to expect and were prepared for it not to work first time, which it didn’t. However we went through the process again a month later and this time we conceived – I was pregnant!” I can remember phoning reception to say I had a positive pregnancy test like it was yesterday, it was as if I was talking to a family member they were just as excited as we were.

We were counting down the days to our first scan. It was so exciting and nerve-racking when we got to see our baby for the first time. And that’s when Caroline, our lead nurse, said ‘and while I was looking around, I also found this!’ there was a second baby – we were having twins and couldn’t have been happier.

As we left the scan room, we were greeted by some of the team who had been on our journey with us and it honestly felt like we were telling our family. It was clear the staff really cared about us and our pregnancy.

We continued to visit and share updates throughout the pregnancy, and when Ebony and Freddie were born Kat popped into the clinic to show some photos of our beautiful babies.

The love, energy, excitement and enjoyment that comes from the twins is the best thing that will ever come in to our lives. We are so, so grateful to Leicester Fertility Centre for everything they have done, they gave us the opportunity to be parents and we’ll be forever thankful for that.

Success Rates


 Jan 2018Dec 2018 

 (Verified data available on the HFEA website) 

 The results below relate to percentage of patients achieving a live birth per embryo transferred:         


National Average

<38 years

 Clinic data

 <38 years

National Average 

38+ years

Clinic data 

Age 38+ years 


National Average 

All ages

Clinic data 

All ages












The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) publish verified results for each UK clinic. For further information regarding rates visit

Due to the HFEA updating their data reporting platform recent data has not been verified or published. This means that data is several years old and may be less relevant to what is currently happening in the clinic.

Therefore to give you a more current view of our results we are sharing our HFEA performance benchmarking data. This data relates to our pregnancy rates and is based on our data submissions, it covers a 12 rolling month period with an in-built 3 month lag. The HFEA bench mark our pregnancy and birth rate data against the national average.

Bench marking data from the HFEA website

Updated by HFEA 09/09/2021

 The results below relate to percentage of patients achieving a clinical pregnancy per cycle.


National Average

Age <38 years

National Average

Age 38+ years







 36.0%  20.3% 40.7%



National Average

Age <40 years

National Average

Age 40+ years

Frozen Embryo Transfer





 Many patients would like more information on the overall performance of the clinic they are interested in. The detailed statistics option on the HFEA 'Choose a Fertility Clinic' webpage allows you to tailor your search to better reflect your personal circumstances, but remember the more precisely you specify your treatment options the smaller the numbers of past patients and the potentially less reliable the results.

Multiple Births

Multiple pregnancies are the single biggest risk of fertility treatment to the health and the welfare of both mother and child. Multiple pregnancies carry higher risk of preterm (premature) labour, miscarriage and low birth weight. Therefore the birth of a single, healthy child is the safest, most desirable outcome of fertility treatment.

In our clinic, we encourage all good prognosis couples to have to just one embryo transferred to reduce the probability of multiple pregnancies.

The HFEA has set a target for all clinics in UK to limit the multiple birth rate to less 10% .

National School of Healthcare Science Work Based Training Provider Accreditation (STP in Reproductive Science)

The National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) has oversight of the Scientist Training Programme (STP). As part of their remit, they are responsible for ensuring the quality of the training offered in the workplace.

Leicester Fertility Centre now has gained approval as a training centre for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) in Reproductive Medicine. This accreditation is valid for 5 years. (see below)