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Counselling services

Our support information with regards fertility treatment(s) and Covid-19 have been updated Click here for more information

We are able to offer telephone or online counselling to our patients

Infertility treatment can be very stressful on top of what is already an often-heartbreaking problem for a couple. We are acutely aware that infertility affects many aspects of patients' lives. Counselling can help examine feelings and attitudes to the issues and find coping strategies if required. We believe that counselling is an integral part of the infertility treatment process.

Counselling is offered to all couples and you are strongly encouraged to take up this service as a normal part of your infertility management. Taking up the option of counselling does not mean that you have failed or are in some way thought to be inadequate. Counselling is not only informative but when required can be supportive as well as therapeutic. In certain circumstances we will insist that counselling is undertaken before treatment can be carried out, as one of our major obligations under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (1990) is to look to the welfare of any child resulting from assisted conception treatments.

We feel that successful management of infertility does not necessarily mean that the outcome must be for a couple to have a baby. To help a couple come to terms with the fact that they are not going to have a child in the knowledge that they have tried everything that is reasonable and have thoroughly explored every option, can help them to finally close the door on that chapter of their lives together and allow the future to open up for them. This is where support and therapeutic counselling comes into its own. We are fortunate in having very skilled counselling services readily available.

Our counsellor, Mo may be reached through the Leicester Fertility Centre, Leicester Royal Infirmary on 0116 2585922.

Counselling sessions can be made without difficulty and everything possible is done to try and fit these appointments in with your normal daily work commitments. Whatever you discuss with Mo  will remain confidential.

An alternative source of independent counselling is available. A contact list of appropriate counsellors can be provided.

Fertility Network UK

We are proud supporters of Fertility Network UK; a national charity that is set up and run to offer advice and support to patients undergoing treatment as well as raising the profile of fertility at a government level. All our patients can access these recourses for free via their website or Facebook or email 

Please note our patient information leaflets have not been amended to include changes to our procedures as a result of Covid-19. So the information you are given verbally may differ from the leaflets

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