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Why do we need research?

Science and technology is always changing and improving outcomes; think about how much better the iPad is compared to a type writer or how many people now survive cancer

But we need to make sure the changes we make are clinically effective and safe

At Leicester Fertility Centre are proud to offer our patients the opportunity to advance science and technology by taking part in research and clinical audit

How can I get involved?

Before you start treatment you are required to sign an HFEA consent to disclosure form (CD). This will ask you about research

When you sign your HFEA MT or WT consent forms the nurse/ consultant will ask you if you’d like to be approached about research

This doesn’t mean you will be involved in research, only that we can talk to you about it

We will then discuss any research you maybe eligible to take part in. You can say yes or no to that research

Saying no does not affect your treatment

What research is currently happening at Leicester?

HAB select clinical trial is now closed

Gonadotrophin Antagonist trial

Frozen oocyte and embryo development (With our colleagues in Coventry)