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Becoming a Sperm Donor


Why are sperm donors required?

There are a number of reasons why donated sperm is required by our patients:

o    Male partner fertility issues: there may be no sperm present in the ejaculate (either due to blockage, vasectomy, testicular failure or sterility following chemotherapy), ejaculation issues, Or poor quality semen samples whereby the sperm are unable to fertilise his partner’s eggs.

o    The male partner may be at risk of passing on an inherited disease or may have an unusual genetic make-up which could put any of his children at risk.

o    To treat single women

o    To treat same-sex couples.

Sperm donors are nationally in short supply and many couples are on waiting lists to receive donor sperm.

What would determine my suitability to be a sperm donor?

Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 45 and should have no serious medical disability or family history of hereditary disorders. Before being accepted as a donor, you would need to complete a detailed questionnaire and email it to the clinic via the below email address. Once a member of the scientific team has assessed the questionnaire, an appointment will be arranged to discuss the donation programme.

At this appointment, you would be required to produce a semen sample, which would be analysed in order to assess the quantity and quality of your sperm. As donor sperm is needed to not only be of sufficient quality but also be able to withstand the storage process Potential donors must be aware that their sperm sample may not fulfil all the requirements for donation purposes. Should this be the case, the appropriate member of the clinic’s medical team will be available to discuss any possible implications if required. In all cases, the Embryologist will discuss the result with you even if the parameters are normal.

I'd like to donate, what do I do next?

Firstly, thank you for considering becoming a sperm donor with us!

Please read through the information booklet on this page and send in your initial assessment questionnaire. If you have any questions or would like an appointment to see if you are eligible to become a donor with us please call: 0116 258 5944 and ask to speak to our sperm donor co-ordinator or email