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Blastocyst pic
Picture of two blastocysts

Becoming an Embryo Donor

Image of eggs and cells

Becoming an embryo donor can be an extremely rewarding way to help others who are experiencing infertility and are struggling to start a family. Patients who have completed a cycle of IVF or ICSI may have spare good quality embryos which have been frozen for use at a later date. If the couple decide that they have come to the end of their own fertility treatment journey, they may wish for the embryos to be donated to other patients who are unable to use their own eggs and sperm.


Before donating your embryos, you would first need to complete initial assessment forms which would then be discussed at a clinic appointment with you. Your case would be taken to a multidisciplinary Clinical Review Meeting, where it will be decided if we can or cannot accept you as a donor, and you will be informed of this decision. Providing you fulfil the embryo donation requirements, you will need counselling to discuss all the implications of becoming an embryo donor. You would also need to have an extra blood and urine test for additional screening that is a requirement for all donors.


Thank you for taking the time to read this; embryo donation can provide life-changing opportunities to couples experiencing infertility who are unable to use their own eggs or sperm.  If you have any questions or are keen to donate your embryos then please call: 0116 258 5944 and ask to speak to our embryo donor lead or email